About Us

DW is differentiated in its segment by outstanding performance in finding the best solutions for its clients by objective, modern and effective measures.

DW works for various business segments and the third sector providing, through extensive technical knowledge and an effective tax planning, better results on economic, legal and administrative issues.

With efficient and responsible activities, ensures a high concept work and successful results, both in relation to the financial, tax and complementary statements, as the survey of economic costs, fiscal, labor, administrative and related, at the segments where it operates.

With integrated methods and features, DW offers its customers solutions that enable fast and accurate decision-making.

DW's main office is in the city of Santos (Main port of Brazil and the largest of South America and is centered in the city.) , São Paulo, Avenida San Francisco No. 65/67, all 46, CEP 11013-201.

Through high-class partners, DW's services are available in the whole state of São Paulo, in addition to customized services all over Brazil.


Business size

26-100 employees


Commercial presence